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Important. To learn correct Screenplay formatting, please see our book "FADE IN". Click HERE

If you've written your screenplay with Write Protect's Editor you will be used to being advised when you have made a formatting error, like not introducing a character correctly, bad parentheticals or dozens of other Screenplay faux pas. But for those screenplays written before Write Protect we can now offer a full instant proof reading service. This facility is still in BETA TEST mode, (which also means FREE) ,so please tell us of your experience and any suggestions of how we can improve it.


Use the buttons below to upload your screenplay. PLEASE NOTE: Currently we only support text files in SCREENPLAY format (not stageplays for instance). So, from your editor choose EXPORT, 'text file with format'. If your editor doesn't have that option choose export as text.


Once the file is uploaded, there will be a link to view it. Click this and you will see your script on screen. Check that the import process has understood your file correctly. Ensure it has identified all the dialogue as dialogue and actions as actions etc. If anything needs changing just CLICK on that line in the script and a 'Postit' note menu will appear.

For instance if the import has identified a line in your script as Dialogue and it should be Action, click that line and from the menu select 'Actions' to tell the software this is an Action line. The software will recheck and give priority to the line being an Action.


Once you are happy and we're all on the same page (excuse the pun), click the PIN menu at the top right and select 'Proof it!' from the menu. Depending on the length of your script, the page will reload several times as it processes and performs the proof read. But quite quickly the page will reload and your annotated script will be on view.

Step #4

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Start Here: Upload your script

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Click here to view a demo script.

Once it loads, click "Proof-it!",
from the "Pin" menu to see the report